Machine fleet

Group LS at one's disposal technical equipment and large machine fleet including CNC machines:


…  for springs and cut metal parts production

40 machines for winding compression springs

14  machines for winding traction springs

40 machines for winding and forming torsion springs

12 automatic moulding machines for blade springs

20 press machines manufacturing  pressed pieces


… for thermic treatment

1 tempering line for high temperature

4 chamber stoves

20 subsequent stoves for continuous tempering


… for surface treatment

line for fluordplastical surface treatment  DELTA MKS/Seal

line for wearing and degreasing by ultrasound


… for material dividing  intended for sale

cylindrical machines for dividing belt material


… for tools  production


milling cutter


wire and 3D die-sinking machines


Thanks to machines equipped by 2D cameras, laser and electromagnetic sensors allow us to measure spring parameters as well sort them out automatically.

Thanks to fully automatic tensiometric measuring instruments of force, toughness, torsional moments and profile projector we can completely control and statistically analyze (Cpk, SPC) all products accordance with documentation and meet others requirements of our customers.