About us


Lachant Spring is an international producer of all the kinds of springs with 3 plants installed in France and 1 in the Czech Republic.

For almost 100 years, Lachant Spring has been one of the French leader in its branch.

For the industry we develop and manufacture wire and flat springs, mounting brackets and connection cut metal parts designed for sub-assemblies manufacturing, from small to large volumes.

Our main customers come from the different sectors, such as automotive, aeronautics, construction, electrical industry…

Our technical expertise and our big machinary park allow us to support all your design approaches while being financially compatible with your needs.

An experience at the service of our customers




Our job is to design, co-develop and achieve, with our customers, products compatible with the technical requirements that also respect the increasingly severe quality constraints.

In this context, we have a research department and project managers that will assist you in your R@D. We also have a prototyping service in order to validate our theoretical approach.

The group is divided in four different plants:

  • Lachant Spring 28 (Châteaudun, France)
  • Lachant Spring 77 (La Grande Paroisse, France)
  • Lachant Spring 03 (Saint Victor, France)
  • Lachant Spring CZ (Prague, the Czech Republic)


Number of employees : 172

Turnover 2017 : 21 m€

950 customers

Park with 275 machines





1913 : Creation of the company "Lachant & Quesnel" in Paris

1968 : Opening of a manufacturing site in Châteaudun (28)

1993 : Relocation of all the activites in Châteaudun 

1995 : Purchase of the company "Lachant & Quesnel" by Mr GUILLEMET Michel and the Capital Investment Initiative and Finance Company.

2001 : Acquisition of the company "Ressorts Dubois" established in La Grande Paroisse (France) and name changed in "Lachant Spring 77"

2006 : Acquisition of the company "LAVEGI" established in Neuilly-sur-Marne (France) to become "Lachant Spring 93"

2008 : Acquisition of the company "MARTIS - Pérovna s.r.o" established in Prague (Czech Republic) to become "Lachant Spring CZ s.r.o"

2009 : Relocation of the activities of Lachant Spring 93 to the other sites of the group

2010 : Setting-up of the "Lean 2015" plan

2017 : Setting-up of the "enterprise 2.0" plan (transition to digital)

2017 : Acquisition of the company "Interplex" in Saint Victor (France) and change of name in "Lachant Spring 03"